Most dentures have a lifetime of 5 to 7 years. However, if they are not well cared for, their lifetime may dwindle significantly. There are several ways you can protect your removable dentures wareham ma and maximize the time you enjoy with them. Replacing dentures is expensive and something that you don’t want to do unless it is necessary. Use these care tips to keep your dentures at their best.

Denture Care is Important

Brush the dentures at least twice per day. There are products made specifically for dentures that you should use to remove stains and particles from the product. Do not use any type of abrasive material when cleaning the dentures. Brush the dentures gently, as you would your own teeth.

Handle With Care

Remember that dentures can and will break. They’re more prone to breaks or cracks if you are not handling them with care. Whether taking out the dentures, brushing, or living life, always handle your dentures with the utmost of care.

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Take Your Dentures Out

Remove your dentures at night. Leave them in a cleaning solution overnight when they are not in your mouth. This will keep the dentures clean and sanitary. Leaving the dentures in your mouth while you sleep can cause an array of problems, including gum irritation. Avoid this issue.

No Hard Candy

Avoid hard candies because they can cause deterioration of the dentures. If you want to consume these items, it is best to remove the dentures before doing so. Candies can discolor the teeth as well. It is best to avoid eating them when wearing your dentures.

Replacing dentures is expensive and something that you do not want to do more often than necessary. Caring for your dentures ensures that you get the long-lasting value and smile that you appreciate. Use the information above to help care for your dentures the right way.